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WATCH: Michigan student, assaults teacher with flying steel chair, faces felony charges

A Michigan Flint school system student has been charged with a felony after hurling a metal chair at her teacher and now faces possible expulsion as the educator prepares to return to the classroom.

The 15-year-old girl responsible for this shocking incident has brought negative attention to the Michigan school.

The viral video capturing the moment the student launched the heavy chair at her teacher has caused considerable concern within the school community. 

Flint School Board President Michael Clack expressed how this incident has given the school a ‘bad name.’

In the video, the teacher can be seen standing in front of the classroom, addressing students before being struck to the floor by the chair. The Southwestern Classical Academy classroom, where this occurred, is now dealing with the aftermath.

The unnamed teenager believed to have thrown the chair, faces serious consequences, as she has been charged with two counts of felony assault by The Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office.

Flint School Board President Michael Clack highlighted previous instances where students were expelled for various infractions, emphasising that the school takes inappropriate behaviour seriously.

The teacher who fell victim to the chair attack suffered head injuries, but there is positive news as Superintendent Kevelin Jones announced the teacher’s decision to return to work. 

The school community plans to extend a warm welcome to the teachers, viewing them as a hero.

The statement from the Superintendent also reassures that the student responsible will be held accountable according to the law and in accordance with the Flint Community Schools Student Code of Conduct.

Flint School Board President Michael Clack confirmed that the chair incident would be discussed at an expulsion hearing, where it will be evaluated based on Michigan law and school district policies.

Clack also expressed concerns about the negative attention brought to Flint, Michigan, due to the viral video. He reminded the public that the student involved is a minor with rights, parents, a family, and feelings.

Superintendent Kevelin Jones reached out to parents to inform them of the altercation and the staff member’s injury. 

The school district is actively investigating the incident to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at Southwestern Classical Academy.

In response to the incident, the Flint Community School is committed to maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for its students and staff. 

While the letter posted on their Facebook page didn’t specify the student’s current status, it conveyed their dedication to addressing such matters seriously.

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