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BTS Jungkook opens up about his ‘regrets’ for ‘Dreamers’

BTS Jungkook opens up about his ‘regrets’ for ‘Dreamers’

BTS Jungkook has finally broken down all the regrets he harbors in his heart, towards himself for the Dreamers performance at the Qatar world cup.

The singer broke all of these thoughts down, in one of his candid heart-to-hearts.

The chat occurred during the singer’s interview with Weverse magazine.

The converastion revolved around his performance at the Qatar world up ceremony as well as his desire to become a ‘giant pop star’.

To this Jungkook responded by saying, “I think that’s also instinct, in a way.”

Because “the World Cup was another big opportunity for me.”

So “when they gave me the offer, I thought, ‘There’s no reason for me to turn this down’.”

But at the same time, “I wish I could’ve done better when I performed Dreamers though.”

Even though “People liked it, but I still wondered if I could’ve done better.”

These admissions have come shortly after the singer tugged at heart strings with a separate series of admissions.

At the time, Jungkook admitted, “I’m a lot different about that now than I used to be. In the past, if I made a mistake, I felt weighed down by that moment and tortured myself with it, but now if I do something wrong I just tell myself to do better and keep practicing.”

Before concluding he also said, “I started to keep things nice and simple. If you mess up, you just accept it and say, ‘I make mistakes too’. That’s why I keep trying to do a good job.”

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