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Doctor Who 60th anniversary trailer promises Donna Noble’s return and ‘Insane’ danger

Doctor Who 60th anniversary trailer shows ‘Heartbreaking’ moments with Donna Noble’s life.

Doctor Who fans were treated to a thrilling glimpse of the show’s 60th Anniversary Specials in the latest trailer, which premiered ahead of Strictly Come Dancing’s first live episode on Saturday. 

The new footage left viewers amazed, with many describing it as “insane,” as it unveiled the return of Donna Noble and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart to the beloved franchise.

However, the trailer also delivered a heart-wrenching twist as The Doctor (David Tennant) expressed doubts about his ability to save his cherished companion’s life this time, hinting at the potential demise of Donna in the upcoming episodes. 

David Tennant is set to reprise his role for three special episodes slated to air in November 2023, marking his return to the iconic character after bidding farewell in 2010.

The trailer also offered glimpses of other villains set to feature in the special episodes, with one adversary so frightening that it prompted The Doctor’s spaceship, the TARDIS, to attempt an escape.

Despite the perilous situation, Donna, known for her outspoken and fearless demeanor, boldly declared, “Let’s kick its a***!” Her return, after her last appearance in the series in 2007, was met with excitement from fans.

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