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X launches account verification based government ID | The Express Tribune

X has launched a government-based ID verification system for premium users, in an effort to prevent impersonation and provide “prioritized support.” The platform has already partnered with Israel-based Au10tix for identity verification solutions.

The company’s support page indicates that the ID verification will be available in “numerous countries,” except the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA), and the United Kingdom. X has also claimed that it intends to use the system to age-gate some content based on the age derived from the ID.

“X currently focuses on account authentication to prevent impersonation and may explore additional measures, such as ensuring users have access to age-appropriate content and protecting against spam and malicious accounts, to maintain the integrity of the platform and safeguard healthy conversations,” it said.

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X has also ambiguously stated that the ID-verified accounts will receive “prioritized support from X Services”.

Just last month, the company introduced a feature for premium users to hide their checkmarks from their profiles, while the company plans to expedite the review process for checkmarks if a user verifies their IDs.

This feature is only available to paid subscribers, despite being intended to eradicate impersonation and scam.

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