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Secret solid core discovery inside moon's center – SUCH TV

Scientists have recently uncovered a secret about the Moon’s core. Researchers have confirmed that the Moon’s core is actually a solid sphere with a density similar to that of iron.

Led by astronomer Arthur Briaud, a team of scientists made this discovery by studying the Moon’s interior using acoustic waves generated by seismic activity (quakes).

This finding has important implications for our understanding of the Moon’s history and the early solar system.

This disclosure also raises questions about the evolution of the Moon’s magnetic field and supports a theory suggesting a significant period of volcanic activity and impacts in the Moon’s early history.

In other space-related news, Italian fashion brand Prada is collaborating with NASA to design the space suits for the upcoming Artemis III mission, which will mark the first moon landing since Apollo 17 in 1972.

These advanced suits are being designed to ensure astronauts can safely explore the lunar surface, particularly at the challenging lunar South Pole, and contribute to our long-term presence on the Moon.

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