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Latin group RBD returns after 15-year hiatus with a message:

Read this article in Spanish / Leer en espańol: RBD regresa después de un receso de 15 años con un mensaje: “El pop no ha muerto”

Members of the Mexican Latin group RBD, also known as Rebelde, have reunited after a 15-year hiatus. And in a music world currently dominated by reggaetón, the pop band is selling out stages across the country. 

Their show at Madison Square Garden last month sold out in 24 hours – their fans ready for their return.

“Pop is not dead,” RBD singer Christopher von Uckermann told “CBS Mornings.”

Uckermann said he had a feeling their ongoing tour would be a success, “but not this big, right?”

“We believe that this comeback is just destiny at the right moment,” he said. 

RBD’s return to the music scene comes at a time when Latin music is making waves globally, with Latin artists gracing the covers of Billboard in both English and Spanish.  

The band is composed of six members: von Uckermann, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Anahí, Christian Chávez and Alfonso Herrera, who opted out of the tour. Their journey began with a wildly successful Mexican TV show in the 2000s, “Rebelde,” capturing the hearts of the Latin community and paving the way for their status as a best-selling pop group.

The impact of RBD extends far beyond Spanish-speaking countries, reaching fans from all corners of the globe. At its peak in 2008, the group’s popularity was undeniable.

Now, their comeback is being hailed as one of the most significant reunions in Latin music history. Their return has sparked a wave of excitement reminiscent of a high school reunion — albeit one choreographed for millions of screaming fans in stadiums and arenas worldwide.

“RBD became part of your lives. It’s not just us or the brand. It is that RBD is the soundtrack of your life. It’s like you can remember important moments of your life with the music,” said RBD band member Maite Perroni.

Reflecting on their past, the group said their initial journey was driven by auditions and the pursuit of dreams. Today, their reunion is born out of a desire to reconnect with their fans and reignite their love for performing.

“Now we are here because it’s our decision,” Perroni said.

The women have become mothers and bring their little ones on tour, adding a family dynamic to their journey.

However, revisiting their past also means revisiting challenging memories, including periods of exhaustion and exploitation during their rise to fame.

“It’s honestly, it was hard for us, ’cause we were burnt out and sad, and depressed. The main problem was that, like, the creators were not there to support certain moments that we needed, like, guidance, and we needed, like, love and we needed more attention,” Chávez said.

Chávez was publicly outed by the Spanish media in 2007, making him the first Latin pop artist to come out. He said the support he received from their fans and his band members helped him get through.

As they return to the stage and prepare for the release of a new album, RBD is embracing their true selves and enjoying the spotlight once more.

“We are working hard. We have a lot of surprises. We’re taking our time. And it feels so good,” von Uckermann said.

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