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Over 100 lives lost in wedding hall fire in Iraq

Over 100 lives lost in wedding hall fire in Iraq. x/SardarSattar

A fire erupted during a wedding ceremony at an event hall in the northern Iraqi town of Al-Hamdaniyah, resulting in the loss of over 100 lives and leaving more than 150 individuals injured, as reported by state media and health officials.

Health authorities in Nineveh province have confirmed the grim toll, saying that “100 individuals have tragically lost their lives, with over 150 sustaining injuries in the fire at a marriage hall in Al-Hamdaniyah.” 

The preliminary count was verified by a spokesperson for Iraq’s health ministry in a statement to AFP.

The tragic incident unfolded in the district of Al-Hamdaniya in Iraq’s northern Nineveh province, as disclosed by Iraq’s state news agency INA. A photograph shared by the Iraqi news agency Nina portrayed brave firefighters battling the ferocious blaze at the wedding hall.

In response to this devastating tragedy, Iraq’s Prime Minister has issued a directive, urging officials to mobilise all possible resources and efforts to provide immediate relief and support to those affected. The call to action was conveyed through a post on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

The initial death toll stands at more than 100, with an additional 150 individuals injured during the fire that engulfed a wedding celebration in the district of Hamdaniya, within Iraq’s Nineveh province. Local sources anticipate that this somber count may further rise as authorities continue their efforts to comprehensively account for all attendees.

The fire tore through a spacious event hall located in the north-eastern region, with reports suggesting that fireworks ignited during the celebration may have been the catalyst, according to statements from local civil defence officials as reported by state media.

A harrowing video captured by a Reuters correspondent at the scene depicted firefighters courageously navigating the charred wreckage of the building in their tireless pursuit of survivors.

Preliminary findings indicate that the building’s construction materials were highly flammable, which significantly contributed to the rapid and tragic collapse of the venue, as reported by state media.

In the wake of this calamity, ambulances and medical teams were promptly dispatched to the site, courtesy of both federal Iraqi authorities and authorities in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, as confirmed in official statements. 

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