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Millie Bobby Brown reveals potential TikTok fallout with her mother

Millie Bobby Brown reveals potential TikTok fallout with her mother

Millie Bobby Brown, the 19-year-old actress, known for her role in the series Stranger Things, disclosed in a recent interview with BuzzFeed that she once thought of blocking her mother on TikTok.

During the interview, Brown explained that she isn’t in the habit of sharing memes or TikTok content with others. However, her mother frequently inundates her with such content, much to her displeasure.

She playfully revealed, “I have been contemplating blocking her,” citing her mother’s penchant for sending her “sad, sad TikToks of dogs being rehabilitated.”

She went on to explain her concerns, stating, “But I’ve now had to come forward and tell her, you know, ‘I cannot have any of this end sadly because I walk right onstage for something really important, and I just watched a cat be hit by a car.’”

Despite her earnest plea to never receive such videos again, Brown humorously recounted her mother’s response, which was along the lines of, “But, you know, it does happen.” 

Nonetheless, the mother-daughter duo eventually reached an understanding. She added, “And I’m like, ‘Let’s not make this normal. This isn’t normal.’ So we have made an agreement now that only happy videos….” 

The young actress, who commenced her journey with Stranger Things at the age of 12, expressed her readiness to bid farewell to the popular Netflix series and venture into the next phase of her career.

It’s worth noting that production for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things had begun but was temporarily halted due to an ongoing writers’ strike.

Aside from her iconic role in Stranger Things, Brown has been featured in various projects, including the Enola Holmes films on Netflix, two Godzilla movies, and the upcoming movies Damsel and The Electric State.

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